The COSY dictionary is drawn from a range of sources, intended for a general and easy understanding of terms commonly used throughout our articles.

COSY understands its commitment to educating ideas and concepts to as many people as possible, and we want to honour this by clarifying often complex or misunderstood words within the cultural lexicon.

Whilst it's great to showcase powerful ideas, we never want someone to feel left out by not understanding crucial terms in these discussions.

We endeavour to continuously update terms and definitions in the COSY dictionary.

We have intentionally left the definitions brief, to gently accompany the reading experience rather than bombard the reader with a ton of information which might distract one from the article.

Though we want to make these terms easy to understand with brief definitions, it is imperative to define these concepts as accurately as we can.

We also ensure that all sources linked and all definitions linked are rigorously unbiased, only with an explanatory intent.

If you wish to contribute a suggestion, or think we have made a mistake, please let us know as soon as possible.

The COSY Dictionary