Occasionally, some articles will feature sensitive content which mandates us to make our readers aware of our intentions in publishing this information. This protects our credibility as a publication which strives to represent all viewpoints, with safety and awareness when dealing with sensitive content.

Political content:

COSY remains committed to representing views from all authors of all view points and opinions. But we recognize that it is important for us to continuously clarify that we do not subscribe to any particular political viewpoint. ****We are unbiased, and strive to represent as many varying perspectives as possible.

If your article contains political information, we will add a disclaimer notifying readers:

The following article does not reflect the political ideology or views of COSY as a publication.

Content about drugs and illegal substances:

We will occasionally receive submissions regarding the use of illegal substances. COSY has no intention to moderate, obstruct, or silence informed discussions about drugs, especially since they have the potential to educate others on harm reduction purposes.

Despite our policy on publishing content related to drugs, we must also make it clear that we are not endorsing nor encouraging the drug used to protect our freedom to speak on these controversial subjects.

COSY does not endorse the use of illegal substances. The following article is intended strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes.

Content which includes sensitive information which might distress users**:**

We are mindful that we publish sensitive content which might be especially distressing to users, such as articles including self-harm, sexual assault, suicide idealism, or eating disorders.

We are aware that some studies suggest trigger warnings can actually do more harm than good in some cases, whereby it can reinforce someone's PTSD by not facing distressing problems head on.

But we believe there is nothing wrong with a gentle, careful reminder of what the content may include could help certain people confront problems without it being a complete shock to them.

The following article includes mentions of self-harm.

The following article includes mentions of sexual assault.

The following article includes mentions of suicide.